Best Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

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Welcome to my favorite large wall decor ideas for living room. A wide, empty living room wall can rapidly become an eyesore. Yet a tastefully designed one can elevate the entire space. In a living area, a well-decorated wall is vital. Furthermore, a huge wall can serve as a focal point, so it’s important it’s decorated in a way that makes an impression.

Luckily, with some planning and the right decorations, you can transform any partition into a curated display. When you hang wall art or decor without proper planning, there may be awkward gaps in the placement. It is recommended that you trace the size of each art piece on paper to avoid drilling multiple holes in your wall. Laying everything out and then repositioning the paper as needed until the placement is perfect.

Are you stuck with a large space that you don’t know how to decorate? Here’s how interior designers recommend addressing this common issue. From wallpapering ideas to tips for incorporating accent furniture into the scene.

Interior of living room with stylish wallpaper and large artwork

Hang a large piece of artwork on the wall of your living room

Hanging oversized artwork on a blank wall will help to fill the space without taking away from the modern feel. For a space to feel thoughtful and expensive, it’s recommended to use a few pieces of art that are the same size. This also has the potential to fill a greater amount of space.

Elegant living room with large wall

Create a gallery on your living room’s large wall

A salon-style display of smaller pieces of artwork is the next best thing if you can’t find any large-scale artwork to hang on your wall. The use of a collage to decorate your living room wall provides you with the opportunity to combine multiple pieces into a single large art piece.

The collage can be either linear or organic in nature, depending on the size of the pieces you are working with. To ensure that you get the desired result, plan it out with paper cutouts first before putting it up on the wall.

Interior of living room with stylish wallpaper

Use patterned wallpaper to cover a large wall

A small amount of wallpaper may make a significant difference. The use of patterned wallpaper transforms a plain wall into a work of beauty. In addition, if you don’t want to commit to wallpaper, my favorite alternative is to get some weird or interesting gift wrap and then frame parts of it in a series.

This allows you to change your wall decor frequently and experiment with different aesthetics without breaking the bank.

Wall art rusty wood planters decor for living room

Make your large living room wall more architecturally interesting

Also, adding an architectural element, such as baseboards or crown molding, can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of depth and dimension. Purchase some wood planks from your local home improvement store and arrange them on the wall in a design of your choosing to add a layer of visual interest to your space.

Adding an architectural element to your wall will help to give your area a unique and interesting character. If you are unable to add trims or moldings to your walls, try floating shelves as a space-saving and storage-efficient solution.

Furthermore, you can also try including accent furniture. Accent furniture can always be used to help fill a wall space as an alternative solution. A sculptural table, accent chair, or even a decorative ladder can help to break up the room.

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Large Wall Decor Frequently Asked Questions

What should I put on my long living room wall?

Simple wall lighting can be added to a living room wall to create a striking visual effect that is easy to achieve. A tapestry, plants, painted accent wall, floating shelves, woven baskets, sculptural lighting, or a folding screen are all options for hanging decor.

What can I put on my wall above my couch?

Here are some ideas for utilizing the large wall space above your sofa. Among the choices are an unframed mirror, a grid of four or more prints, a grouping of prints of different sizes, a large painting, a bookshelf, or a gallery wall.

How do you dress a wall?

You could hang a collage of ancient windows. Make rustic art pieces out of burlap and paint to display in your home. Install a mural the size of a room. Stencil only the upper half of a wall. Elegant plates can be arranged on the wall. Create large-scale block art from a photograph. Make use of an old ladder as an accent piece.

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