14 Amazing Tips on How to Decorate a White and Beige Living Room

how to decorate a white and beige living room

Here are 14 amazing tips on how to decorate a white and beige living room. There’s something about a beige living room that just feels calming and soothing. From neutral color schemes to touches of natural wood, these spaces manage to feel both sophisticated and cozy at the same time. So, if you’re ready to embrace the power of beige, continue reading for more inspiration.

Beige luxury living room

Why choose beige as your primary living room design color?

If you’re hesitant to use a neutral color, consider beige. Beige is dependable and adaptable. It’s also a calming color. Beige is a perfect blend of brown and white that works well in Asian, Mediterranean, and contemporary living rooms. 

In addition to the color, you may want to consider the size of your living room when choosing the right shade of beige. Large living rooms are great for having more space, but they can also be cold. To keep the walls light but make your large living room more comfortable, choose a darker beige. Light colors are best for small living rooms because they make them appear larger. While a lighter beige is preferable, a darker beige accent wall can add a pop of color. 

After deciding on your favorite shade of beige, you may wonder what other colors to use in your living room. Black and white are the best colors to pair with beige. These complementary colors work well for trim or accent colors in the living room. Although beige goes well with a few bright colors, color balance is important for a cohesive and organized look. Mix patterns and colors, but keep beige as the dominant color in your living room design.

Beige wall in living room interior with modern furniture

What colors go well with beige living room walls?

Beige is a popular living room wall color because it goes well with a variety of colors, which helps you choose furniture, flooring, ceiling color, and other decor elements for your living room.

Beige goes well with a variety of colors, including blue, brown, emerald, black, red, and white. That’s a diverse range of colors, which explains why beige is such a popular wall color.

In many cases, homeowners who are looking for a neutral color for their living room will choose beige or white as their “go-to” color, similar to how they would choose white. While beige is often avoided in favor of more vibrant colors because it appears drab or out of date, it is a neutral that works well with a wide range of living room sizes and designs.

Vibrant living room decor

What colors go well with a white and beige living room?

Beige color shades are popular due to their ease and naturalness. It is even more appealing and beautiful when accented by another color tone. White and beige go well with pastels and bright colors. 

Alternative colors and textures that go well with a white and beige living room

Beige living room ideas aren’t the most daring color schemes, but they can be just as striking. Our boards have been flooded with beige living room ideas. If you think beige for the living room is dull, think again. The beige renaissance brings feelings of warmth, coziness, and tranquility – exactly what we need in a space designed for relaxing. The introduction of warm natural tones into the home is expected to be a major decorating trend in the coming years.

A plant next to a wooden beige sofa in a loft living room

1. Beige is a neutral color that emphasizes natural materials.

A beige living room’s natural tone beautifully carries natural patterns. Beige is a neutral color that enhances the grain of the wood, the tan of leather, and the veins of marble. Combining them yields an aesthetic that evolves over time. To create a beige living room, start with a “star” item like seating or a painting, and then layer naturals around it until it feels impactful, balanced, and serene.

2. In a beige space, bring out the texture with accents of color.

The soothing tone of solid beige walls allows the eye to relax and explore other elements in the room. Because it is closely related to natural colors, it goes well with stone, wood, and linen. The magic happens when you balance different elements like fabric, stone, and ceramics.

White and gray living room

3. Choose a beige and grey color scheme for your living room.

Beige and grey work well together because they have the same color intensity but differ in temperature. A beige and white room has an intuitive, natural, and calming effect on the mind. It feels intuitive, balanced, and calming to be in.

4. Floral throughout a beige living room is a great choice.

Using beige to decorate with floral could be a subtle way to do so. To create spaces that are both calm and vibrant, I love using beige and floral. To make a statement, incorporate subtle floral tones throughout the room or use large-scale floral prints on items such as cushions that will function as modest accents without being overpowering.

Beige living room wall with texture

5. Make beige walls more interesting by adding texture.

A beige living room with pale wood highlights the beige’s natural connection. Sand and beige create lovely tone-on-tone expressions with oak and ash. Combining beige and wood creates interesting and tactile effects. Try to balance the tones in the room.

6. Maintain a healthy balance of beige and pale wood.

A beige living room with pale wood highlights the beige’s natural connection. Sand and beige create lovely tone-on-tone expressions with oak and ash. Combining beige and wood creates interesting and tactile effects. Try to balance the tones in the room.

7. Combine beige with a pop of teal for a striking look.

A space with teal and beige adds a touch of modernity and freshness. Beige and teal are lovely together. Create a well-balanced scheme by using teal-painted modern furniture, soft furnishings, and accessories, or by painting a shelf or alcove in teal.

Modern luxury living room interior with beige sofa

8. Dark accents can give beige a little something extra.

Want an edgy beige scheme? The future is dark. Dark accents in a beige living room not only add a dynamic twist but also make the space feel lighter. Beige spaces are smooth and undemanding, but a simple dark element adds a chic, modern twist.

9. Showcase decorative objects against a beige background.

When displayed against beige walls and fabrics, creative furniture and art objects instantly add warmth and turn the room from a show space to a relaxing home. Handcrafted wooden stools, bowls with interesting patinas, and sculptural cast bronze and stone objects stand out against it.

10. Enhance the effect of beige by incorporating monochrome patterns.

Monochrome patterns are a classic way to decorate a beige living room that is also fun and playful. Using bolder shapes in your beige living room can really amp up the volume. Add graphic black touches to add dynamism, rhythm, and expression without overcrowding the space. Or, add a modern, sophisticated look with monochrome patterns and warm neutrals.

Plants in living room

11. Add some greenery to a beige wall with some potted plants.

Looking to add some life into a beige room? Plants may be the answer. Consider taking a trip to your local greenhouse for ideas on what to place in your living room.


If you want to create a relaxing space for your guests, consider incorporating white and beige colors. This color scheme is perfect if you’re looking to incorporate some modern accents into the room as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is beige a good Color for the living room?

Beige is the new black when it comes to living room design. Furthermore, beige is said to be the best color to make any room appear larger. Beige also complements almost every other color, making it simple to refresh your living room with new throw pillows, curtains, or accents whenever you want a change of scenery.

Is beige an elegant color?

Beige color tones are lovely interior colors that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to modern living room designs. Pinkish beige, orange-beige, yellowish, and greenish beige hues are the newest trends in home interior design.

What color paint goes with a white sofa?

If you have a white sofa in your living room, you most likely use it for family gatherings and socializing. Choose neutral paint tones with yellow undertones or hues, such as brown, beige, and grays, to help the room exude warmth.

If you’re looking for inspiration for anything from changing the color palette to going organic, check out our furniture collection for inspiration.

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