Best Guide For Built-In Furniture

loft luxury living room with built-in bookshelf

Welcome to our guide for built-in furniture. If you’re looking for a comfortable and stylish living room, look no further than built-in furniture. This type of furniture is perfect for any space, as it uses every inch of available space efficiently. Plus, built-in-furniture can often be made to match your existing decor, making the whole room look cohesive. So if you’re ready to take your living room to the next level, consider adding some built-in furniture!

What is built-in furniture?

Built-ins are any elements that do not leave the property and are therefore considered to be a permanent component of the home’s structural design and construction. This includes any form of a permanent appliance, cabinetry, built-in-furniture (such as shelving or benches), and other items that are permanently attached to the wall.

Fireplace and built-in shelves in living room

Does built-in-furniture add value?

Built-ins are a permanent addition to your room and can be costly if customized. When built and designed correctly built-ins most surely add value to a home. They are also extremely popular among homeowners. Built-in furniture can be pieces of art that show your house is a home and provides a level of luxury that a piece of simple furniture cannot. 

Advantages to having built-in furniture

Built-ins have several additional benefits. They blend in rather than stand out, making them appropriate for minimalist contemporary interiors. As a result, a large built-in piece of furniture may appear more slender and smaller than a free-standing piece of the same dimensions.

3d rendering black built-in shelf and sofa bed in living room

Built-in furniture helps create a cohesive look

Furthermore, built-ins provide a lot of storage. They can take up an entire wall without making the room feel much smaller. They contribute to the space’s overall cohesive aesthetic and can be blended and harmonized with the rest of the decor. Another advantage of built-ins is that they can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Finally, lighting can be easily integrated into built-in furniture, which can be a huge benefit.

Built-in furniture helps maximize space

When it comes to decorating and maximizing space, A-frame houses can present some challenges. Because of the angle of the walls, it can be difficult to use prefabricated cabinets without causing a visual break. Custom living room built-ins can be an excellent solution in this case. 

3d rendering cushion living room with bookshelf

Built-in furniture allows you to customize the furniture size for your living room

When it comes to living room built-ins, there is no requirement to build from floor to ceiling all of the time. Built-in cabinets can be installed in any size to meet your specific requirements. They can make the most of the available space while framing the focal point and not blocking any light.

What to consider when choosing the right built-in for your living room

Simply deciding that you prefer built-in-furniture over free-standing pieces is insufficient. Before you start looking for designs and taking measurements, you should consider what you’ll be using it for. For example, if you intend to use the built-ins for storage, consider what you will store in them. This will assist you in determining the dimensions.

The overall dimensions of the room must also be considered. Even if built-ins blend in better, they can be overwhelming in a small space. Then, look through magazines and the internet for photos of built-ins that you like. After you’ve made your decision on everything else, all that remains is to either hire an expert to custom design your furniture or go out and purchase a model that you prefer.

contemporary wood bedroom with a built-in bookshelf

Modern Built-ins for Every Room and Purpose

Built-ins are no longer a distinguishing feature of tiny mobile homes. They can now be found in a variety of settings, ranging from opulent mansions to small apartments. Built-in storage or furniture can benefit any room. A small amount of room and a pair of skilled hands can go a long way toward preserving valuable square footage while also keeping the home clean and clutter-free.

Living Room Built-ins

Books are frequently used as living room storage. And, because there may be a lot of them, you’ll need a storage solution that won’t turn your entire room into a literal library while also accommodating your entire collection.

You can do what the majority of people do and install open shelving on a wall. Combine your books with some decorative items. However, if you want a modern, clean look, we recommend going with a minimal hidden storage wall that can also function as a TV unit.

There’s a lot more you can do with contemporary built-ins. If you want, you can use them to construct entire rooms. They may not be as impressive or luxurious as separate designer furnishings, but their clever design and execution will certainly impress.

Built-in storage

Storage is also a great built-in-furniture option

Built-in storage is most likely the most common type of storage. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s convenient and often spacious, so why wouldn’t it be? You can dedicate one of the walls to books, clothes, or sweet nothings, or even keep all of your kitchen utensils and foods in one place with built-in storage.

Aside from carving up your walls, there are several other options for built-in storage. One of the more fashionable solutions is to make use of the space beneath a stairwell. You can store a lot of things there.

loft luxury living room with built-in storage

Built-in Furniture

Similarly, built-in-furniture does not appear uninteresting. It can also capture and command attention at times. These built-ins can even be created during the construction process of your home. A minor adjustment in planning can eliminate the need to shop for a specific piece of furniture, such as a long desk or an odd-sized bathroom vanity.

Custom built-ins may be more expensive than ready-made furniture, but how much better will it fit with each specific room?

Custom built-ins that take advantage of unusual room planning can be especially beneficial in spaces with awkward floor plans.

Modern Built-ins for the Office

Though a home office doesn’t need much storage these days, a few modern built-ins can add a luxe touch while also providing space for your home library or souvenir collection. For those who don’t have a lot of extra room to spare, a built-in design can allow you to incorporate a home office into your living room or corridor.

Built-in desks may be more difficult to move, but they are no less convenient to use. You can also program your desk to retract when not in use to save space in your home.

The use of modern office built-ins creates a cleaner, more organized working space with fewer distractions, and they can be simply converted into a storage solution.

walk-in closet with built-in furniture

Modern Built-in Closets

When it comes to storage, a built-in closet is almost always a good choice. Regardless of where and how you plan it, such storage will look neat at the very least, and at the very worst, will make your dressing room look like a dream.

You can design your closet in any style you want, from contemporary minimalism to more elaborate Art Decor, and it will look equally organized with built-in shelves, drawers, and racks.

Baskets and doors will make it look cleaner, but you can’t get much more organized than that.

Interior Architecture Built-ins

Modern built-ins aren’t just for storing things or sitting on them. They can also be used to create the interior architecture of your home. They can add functionality or even serve as a decorative design element.

Cubicle built-ins can also be used to create rooms within rooms, which is especially useful in small studios with limited space and privacy.

Built-in Surfaces

Another significant benefit of built-ins is that they can be customized to fit any nook and corner that would not fit any other furniture set. Breakfast nooks are frequently built in this manner. Sofas, window seats, and bunk beds are examples of other surfaces on which to sit or lie. 

contemporary wood bedroom with a built-in bookshelf

Hidden Modern Built-ins

Another advantage of modern built-ins is that they may be difficult to locate. As a result, the sleek and polished look that is so popular in contemporary interior design is achieved.

Anything, from a kitchen pantry to seasonal gear storage, can be concealed by well-designed built-in cabinetry. Simply choose a location and hire professionals to make the process quick and painless.

How much are built-in fireplaces?

The cost of fireplace built-ins is determined by the contractor you hire as well as where you live. The cost of the fireplace built-ins is also affected by the size of the wall where the feature is being built. The average cost is between $2,500 and $6,800.

What is the cost of built-in bookshelves?

The average cost of installing built-in bookshelves ranges from $2,691, or between $1,273 and $4,119 for a carpenter to do the job. If you buy the materials yourself, a handyman can usually install them for $30 to $130 per hour. Expect to pay $150 to $1,200 per linear foot for high-end custom work.

Conclusion: Living room built-in furniture

At the end of the day, furniture is about more than just style. It’s also an extension of your personality and lifestyle choices. If you want to be sure that any piece of furniture you purchase will work for your needs, then we highly recommend searching “built-in furniture” on Pinterest.

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