My Amazing Personal Experience With Marble Countertops

Modern Marble Kitchen Countertop

Welcome to my personal experience with marble countertops. I hope you are having an outstanding day! In this article, I wanted to share some information with you about my experience working with marble countertops. Especially, because I am constantly being asked if I like my marble counters, how they wear, how I care for them, and whether or not I would choose marble again. So, today, I’m answering all of those questions, as well as a few others.

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To give you some context, I have had honed marble countertops in three different kitchens over the last two decades. Each of our homes was built or renovated by us, and I used honed marble in every one of them. Undoubtedly, I have conducted extensive research to determine whether or not I would prefer another material. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, I ultimately decided on marble. Honed marble has also been utilized in almost all of our bathrooms, including the counters, floors, and showers. It is, without a doubt, my preferred material!

What type of marble do you have on your countertops?

The countertops in our ranch kitchen are standard honed Carrera marble with a simple square edge. They have subtle gray veins running through them, and they have a soft grayish-white cast.

The counters in our California kitchen are made of a less common white marble called Statuary Classico. It is a sister stone to Carrera marble and is a less expensive alternative to granite. It typically has more prominent gray veins and larger white areas than other varieties. The backsplash is made of Carrera marble, which has been laid out in a herringbone pattern.

Do your countertops have stains or etch marks on them?

I have had marble countertops in my kitchens for the past twenty years and never had a problem with stains, including those caused by red wine. Citrus juice, tomatoes, and milk have all etched my counters, which I believe is due to the acidity.

I’ve always had honed marble, so the etching is less of a problem for me than it would be with polished stone. However, I don’t believe there is a way to completely avoid this type of marring. That said, once I had recovered from the initial marks. They became part of the stone’s patina and were no longer a big deal for me to deal with anymore.

Kitchen with marble kitchen countertop and sink

Is your marble chipped, scratched, or cracked?

I have never had a problem with my marble cracking in any way. It is true that it scratches more easily than a harder stone, but I have never experienced this problem. Unfortunately, I have a small chip on the edge of my counter, which was entirely my fault. Hitting the edge with a cast iron pan was not a wise decision. Fortunately, the piece that had chipped off was saved, and my stone installer was able to repair it.

If you ever have something similar happen to you. Just save the piece that chipped off and call your fabricator. They will likely be able to fix it.

Modern Bathroom Interior in the Foreground there is a Marble Countertop Washbasin

Does your marble require sealing on an annual basis?

When my counters were first installed, I had them professionally sealed to prevent water damage. Additionally, I was informed that they should be sealed on a yearly basis, but I completely forgot about this. I imagine regular maintenance would have helped reduce the etching, but I know it wouldn’t have stopped the wear and tear. I just let them age as they naturally would.

What products do you use to keep your marble countertops clean?

I have used the same stone cleaner for a few years now, and I absolutely adore it! It is called Weiman Disinfectant Granite Daily Clean & Shine, and it’s been keeping my counters sparkling clean. The wipes or the spray with a dry cloth are my preferred methods of cleaning. I have used this product on all of the natural stones in my home. I’ve been very pleased with the results. It also has a pleasant, fresh scent to it!

Those who work with natural stone will likely recommend using a mild soap mixed with water. However, my personal experience with marble countertops has shown that this method does not remove all the dirt like the Weiman cleaning product.

So, if you are thinking about installing marble counters in your kitchen or bathroom. I hope this information is helpful in making your decision. Nonetheless, if you want flawless counters that will not etch or scratch, marble is not the best choice for you. Do not be afraid to purchase marble countertops if you adore the look of marble… My overall experience with marble countertops has been extremely positive!

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