Few Tips On How To Host A Football Party

Football fans celebrating the victory of their team

Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to host a football party. Fall is my favorite season because it brings back memories of weekends spent with friends and family watching American football and eating excellent food! In fact, I host football parties all the time as it’s extremely simple. So today, I’d like to provide some tips and ideas for hosting a casual football party that everyone will enjoy!

1. Create A List Of Food Items For Your Football Party

Football parties require a menu that reflects the theme of the event, and this is no exception! Traditional “American Football Food,” such as hotdogs and chili, is a favorite of mine, but I strive to keep the menu nutritious as we approach the holidays. Our most recent get-together was a big success after serving new items which I’ll talk about later on in the article.

Sliders from our football party

My Favorite Menu When I Host A Football Party

  • Beef Sliders with Blue Cheese
  • Turkey Sliders with Cheddar Cheese
  • Crispy Air-Fried French Fries
  • Crispy Air-Fried Sweet Potato Fries
  • Ice Cold Drinks
Air fryer used at my football party

In spite of the fact that my burgers were the greatest item on this menu, the Instant Pot Air Fryer I recently purchased was the star of the show. This air fryer turned out to be a game-changer! My guests were wowed with the restaurant-quality fries I served alongside the small burgers, and making them was a cinch!

Because I couldn’t resist, I bought some of those adorable restaurant-style french fry cones to serve the fries in. Isn’t it the sweetest thing ever? If you’d like, you could even add dipping sauce cups to the side.

The burgers and fries were placed on wood boards to give everything a more restaurant vibe. You can use these boards to make individual cheese plates, or you can use them to create an elegant snacking table.

French fries and hamburgers from a previous football party

2. Setup The Football Party Buffet Table

For the majority of events, I like a simple buffet setup. I enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and the fact that everyone can eat when they want. In fact, I also utilize trays and seasonal linen napkins or runners to add some flair but I also keep it casual in my kitchen center island.

We also utilized checkered fall napkins, a wood tray, and a few pumpkins to create a fall-themed appearance for our most recent football party.

My new Air Fryer’s healthy French fries were such a hit that I kept making batches after batches all afternoon, and everyone talked about how good they were. That always brings a smile to my face!

In order to keep the drinks cool, I utilized an old-fashioned copper ice cube tray to store them in the mugs. Yay!

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