6 Easy Tips On How To Change Summer Decor To Fall

Focused florist placing beautiful exotic flowers in a vase

How to change summer decor to fall. If you’re a home decorator, I think that navigating the “season” between seasons can be challenging. The vibrant colors of summertime naturally make way for the milder tones of fall. Having seasonal decor looking appropriate while the weather is still warm may be difficult. Here are a few suggestions for making the transition from summer to fall decor as seamless and natural as possible. I hope you find these suggestions helpful.

Dried lavender branches for muted green tones perfect for summer decor to fall

Branches in muted or green tones are a great way to change from summer to fall

Using large vases or containers packed with branches is something I enjoy doing every season. While fall branches may be stunning as a statement piece in a small space, the classic fall hues can feel out of place when the weather is still pleasant. My answer is to utilize “transitional” branches around the beginning of September to give our home a mellow fall aspect while yet maintaining the summer feel.

Branches in a large pitcher or container, whether real or fake, are a magnificent addition to any area. I frequently go out into the garden with my large clippers in order to collect seasonal branches from our trees and bring them into the house.

Recently, I came across some lovely artificial branches in muted tones that are gentle and delicate. When these are of high quality, they can be magnificent pieces. Especially, when used as a single variety at the beginning of the fall season and then blended with additional branches as the season progressed.

Even darker tones can be used as an accent color towards the beginning of fall if they are applied sparingly. Beginning with a limited number of branches at the start of a new season is a good way for me to build up my collection as the season develops.

Wooden chest of drawers with floral branches in a vase are great end-of-summer decor

Floral in warm colors can represent a change from summer decor to fall

Fresh and artificial blooms in muted fall tones, in conjunction with delicate seasonal branches, can be a lovely transitional effect. At the conclusion of summer, I prefer to utilize yellows to assist transition into fall. I also mix a few of my favorite branches with muted floral in the same color scheme.

On my center island, a large pitcher with many Forsythia branches creates a lovely and warm statement.

I’ve discovered that combining summer and fall blooms with brighter yellows early in the season and progressing to warmer rust and cream tones later in the season is the greatest way to include florals into my early fall decor.

Whereas, A rusting French urn is an ideal vessel for a bouquet of gentle orange branches and blossoms.

Dahlias, dusty pink roses, and eucalyptus combine the beauty of summer with the warmth of autumnal hues.

Antique house kitchen with old copper utensils

Copper accents are perfect for summer to fall decor

Copper accents in any room, especially in September, instantly create a welcoming atmosphere. My white accents in the kitchen, in particular, are frequently swapped out for warm metallic accents.

Also, a simple change in the color scheme of my glass front cabinets from all-white to copper and wheat announces the beginning of a new season on the horizon. I have amassed a huge collection of vintage copper pieces over the years. However, there are also some lovely new reproductions available at reasonable prices in the larger box stores.

Decoration is made from small pumpkins. Perfect for changing summer decor to fall

Neutral and colored pumpkins are great for end-of-summer decor

In all honesty, I haven’t used classic orange pumpkins in my holiday decorations in a long time. To decorate with pumpkins, I favor the gentle, muted colors of heirloom pumpkins or the pure white of small pumpkins that may be obtained at the grocery store.

Moreover, these hues are perfect for a modest accent on the kitchen counter or a coffee table at the start of the fall season. I frequently use dough bowls to hold my real or imitation pumpkins, which look great when paired with some eucalyptus branches for a festive look.

There are some really lifelike faux heirloom pumpkins available now, so if storage is not an issue, they are a terrific way to save money on repurchasing fresh pumpkins year after year if you don’t have a large collection.

Dry flowers help change the atmosphere for summer to fall decor

Dried floral are amazing transition decor

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, and we have several in bloom in our yard. Because many of the blooms have naturally withered by the end of summer, I frequently include them in my transitional fall decorations.

In addition, the soft colors of dried blossoms are a great way to start decorating for fall, and they can be utilized both indoors and out.

We have an oversized French bucket loaded with blue and purple dried hydrangeas on our kitchen center island. It makes a lovely statement and is a simple method of transitioning from summer to fall decor.

Change summer decor to fall with an autumn wreath – DIY project

Autumn wreaths for end-of-summer to fall decor are an outstanding choice

In addition, for our front entrance, I made a simple grapevine wreath out of foraged leaves from our oak tree, which I painted in soothing hues.

Whatever method you use to transition your summer to fall decor in your house. The most important thing to remember is to keep things simple as the seasons’ change. Simple embellishments and delicate hues that develop as the months of September and October progress feel natural. They also contribute to making it simple and lovely.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to make the transition from summer to fall decor in your house easier. Below are some links to some of my favorite autumn decorating stuff that I’ve found on the internet.

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